13 million kids are hungry. And you won’t believe what happens next


What happens next is that I feel bad about using a click bait headline and those 13 million kids aren’t technically hungry every night. What they are at risk of is food insecurity : which means that they may have access to food , but not the right kind or quantity.

My initial draft for this post went something like this…

Imagine if you had to decide each morning whether to go hungry the entire the day and save the leftover food for  dinner or satisfy your hunger now and suffer later?  Imagine the dread of not knowing whether you will sleep tonight with or without a morsel of food in your belly.

But then I realized I was being over dramatic and instead I have a simple plea to my fellow netizens:

Food insecurity is an actual problem and it sucks that humanity faces it as of today. The worst effected are kids who can’t (and shouldn’t) fend for themselves. So please go out there and if you can afford it, donate/ volunteer at a food bank near you.

Here’s a list of them !

Oregon Food bank (that’s my local food bank)

Feed America (Hit up your Zip code to find the nearest food bank)

I struggled to find a legit food bank in Bangalore. If you know of any, let me know!








A little less human

As I got off the office bus today, I set sight homewards and quickened my walking pace. It was an emotionally draining day and all I wanted was to get back to the comfort of my home. 

I crossed the main road separating me from my destination, avoiding the onslaught of vehicles from every perceivable direction. Thankful to have made it across, I quickened my pace. And that was when I saw him. He was very obviously blind.With a bag across his shoulders and tapping his white cane to determine whether his next step is safe, he was slowly trudging along the kerb of the road. With the footpath too treacherous for even those who can see, this man had a long walk ahead of him back home. And then I walked on. 

It took a whole 5 seconds for the human inside me to wake up from the slumber it was in. I fail to see why I did not stop. The difficulty he faces each day far out strips the difficulties we may face over a whole week. I did eventually go back and help him but gosh, was I disappointed with myself. I asked myself what was wrong with me, why my first instinct was not to go and help him… but there were no answers just lots of shame. 


Why do humans have emotions?

Is it a boon or a bane?
We get attached to things, even though they have no life in them.
We feel sad when we have to let go of things, even those things weren’t ours to begin with
We are bonded to things which in reality are bonded to the Government of Karnataka 😛
Shakespeare has his sonnets (where, if I remember correctly.. halfway through there is a “turn” a.k.a twist-in-the-tale ), whereas I have an attachment to my work laptop. Too bad it’s got to be returned to make way for a new one.
So adieu my work machine. <21 gun salute>

The end and the beginning

A new year is at our doorsteps.
The past year has been momentous. A lot of wins with a few losses as well.
The coming year promises to be even more thrilling. I am excited! And I hope you are too! Wish you all a prosperous and wonderful new year!



Pasta Powerrrrrrr

There are times when a man has a moment of clarity and nothing else matters.

Then there are times when one’s whole life flashes in front of their eyes. And they die.

Neither of them happened to me.

What did happen was that I had a sudden craving for White Sauce Pasta (Penne Please!) and instead of running into Infinitea @ Cunningham Road as I usually do, I decided to get my hands dirty. I was going to cook myself some pasta.

Was I going to have beginner’s luck? Or was it going to be an absolute disaster?

So, I find these in the super market.  What a bright (yellow) start!

So, I find these in the super market. What a bright (yellow) start!


Estimation of how long to boil is critical. It looks like I have got it right... Looks can be deceiving though

Estimation of how long to cook the pasta is critical. It looks like I have got it right… Looks can be deceiving though…

Apparently yellow was the color of the day. So I got some yellow , delicious looking capsicum.

Apparently yellow was the color of the day. So I got one yellow , delicious looking capsicum.

How did we get here all of a sudden! Just saute some Onions. then the capsicum. Then the white sauce pasta mix. Add some water and keep hoping that you will not choke on this later.

Woah! How did we get here all of a sudden?!  For the sauce , just saute some Onions. Then the capsicum. Then the white sauce pasta mix. Add some water and keep hoping that you will not choke on this later.


 And I present to you, La Rahul   Inaspettato Pasta (go use google transalate). Surprised? So was I. Doesn't it look yummy? :D

And I present to you, La Rahul Inaspettato Pasta (go use google translate). Surprised? So was I. Doesn’t it look yummy? 

But as I have said once before. Looks can be deceiving. I would have loved to put the blame of the brown looking pasta on lighting and exposure settings of my camera, but it wasn’t. It was brown because while I hoping to not choke on the sauce, I forgot to stir it. And the onions took the bullet for me. They were burnt beyond recognition and the burnt taste was present in the end product as well. Luckily it was still edible and I managed to get through a bowl of it without much drama.

So it was neither a disaster nor a out of the world experience. Have you guys cooked anything recently? Tell me about it! 🙂

Mahabharata – A story for the ages

I have been watching the new Mahabharat TV series for quite a few months now, and I have been impressed by the production quality of it. The special effects are nothing like what the Indian TV audiences have been accustomed to. Gone are the fire cracker arrows, replaced by some really cool CGI. Take a look at a sample below:

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Features of Sanskrit that make it an extra-ordinary language

Sanskrit. A Beautiful language.

uttiSTha bhArata

This is the first of a series of articles explaining what separates out Sanskrit from rest of the languages. This will make you realize how under-developed, regressive and full of redundancies are most of the modern languages. In fact, by the end of the series you will have generated a feeling of dissatisfaction towards the languages you speak currently. Let’s start off.

The first inefficiency that creeps into the modern languages, originates from the very idea  these languages (English, Hindi, German, Japanese etc)…

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Why Explore Space? A 1970 Letter to a Nun in Africa

It looks like negativity is all over the place these days and spares nothing . Example: India’s mission to Mars. Despite the enormity of the achievement, there are many critics who say this was totally uncalled for. For those folks,here is a 40 year old rebuttal.

Roger Launius's Blog

Ernst Stuhlinger wrote this letter on May 6, 1970, to Sister Mary Jucunda, a nun who worked among the starving children of Kabwe, Zambia, in Africa, who questioned the value of space exploration. At the time Dr. Stuhlinger was Associate Director for Science at the Marshall Space Flight Center, in Huntsville, Alabama. Touched by Sister Mary’s concern and sincerity, his beliefs about the value of space exploration were expressed in his reply to Sister Mary. It remains, more than four decades later, an eloquent statement of the value of the space exploration endeavor. Born in Germany in 1913, Dr. Stuhlinger received a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Tuebingen in 1936. He was a member of the German rocket development team at Peenemünde, and came to the United States in 1946 to work for the U.S. Army at Fort Bliss, Texas. He moved to Huntsville in 1950 and continued…

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History – We read it, but we never learnt it !

History is a wonderful subject. No doubt about that.

However what I see around me today is bothering me. A lot.

I see my country men making the same mistake they made over a 200 years ago.  Same mistake made 700 years ago.  Same mistake made 1000 years ago.

It looks like we ,as a nation, have failed to learn from our past mistakes.

The problem starts early in our lives.

As kids we were made to mug up dates of God forsaken battles held in God forsaken places (anyone remembers Battle of Wandiwash in 1761?) . Learning the dates and the places had impact on my life (in contrast to the flow of events which had a lot of effect ).  We were fed so much of raw data. Too much I would say. Specifics were stressed upon ,whereas the bigger picture always remained out of the books and our minds. The history lessons failed to teach us something important.

Our nation has been setback a few centuries each time we failed to stop an invasion.

First came the Persians ( Mahmud of Ghazni), then came the Persians again ( Mahmud of Ghouri) and then finally the British (East India Company). Each time our folks just stood and watched their neighboring kingdoms getting slaughtered,raped and plundered and before they knew it , they were next in line for the same treatment.

Each time the enemy was from the outside. But this time, the enemy is on the inside. From corrupt politicians to corrupt bureaucrats. From various sources of media who supply us with more masala than real news. From the comatose working class who have become numb to injustices being meted out to them.

The upcoming elections are really far away, but the war bells have already rung. I want to get my message across before we all get drowned out in the political madness that surrounds us.  Look really deep into the candidate you choose to support. Don’t get pushed around b the hype that will surround you. Stop giving a damn about political parties.  Make your choice of candidate with the same caution you take while choosing to buy something for yourself , after all you are choosing someone who is supposed to take care of your more basic needs.

You say that your one vote will not make much of a difference? Then go out there and let people know why you are voting for a certain candidate. Talk with them. Convince them! We are at cross roads and then next set of people governing us , better be good. Damn good.

On my last trip to Mangalore

There were nice roads

There were nice roads

Attended a marriage

Attended a marriage


Where I met lots of folks

Visited the temple at Vitla

Visited the temple at Vitla

Made some tough decisions at the local ice cream parlor

Made some tough decisions at the local ice cream parlor


And returned on those same beautiful roads

And returned on those same beautiful roads



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