Link up , tie up.

After reading my friend subbu’s blog {(which you can read here) go ahead read it!} , I had thoroughly formed the opinion that whenever that the above is done, it could be only for 2 reasons:

1) We must get sadistic pleasure out of it (but we are not that..!!!?) 2) we must be plain jealous (At this point you are beginning to hate my tone 🙂 )

Assuming that we are plain jealous , we should stop being .

Reason : A lot of ppl are going to talk to one another in the following few years , and if one continues linking every one up , only 3 outcomes are possible:

a) We get a job in a gossip magazine (yeah right!)

b) We being called jerks.

AND most likely

c) We become the content of other people’s gossip.(if you know what I mean…)

So next time you see 2 ppl talking , don’t gossip with others, do it with them !


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About Rahul Vittal

Believes that all that happens for the good. If not , you have to make it good.

4 responses to “Link up , tie up.”

  1. jayadeep says :

    Rahul s’adistic pleasure’ is a little harsh on your friends desperately trying to have some fun ….. i dont think “friends” gossip abt their “friends”.

  2. ashtavakra says :

    i’m the one who raised issue , i’m totally agreeing with u.. oh , i dint get the word sadistic .. otherwise i’d hv used that… anyway nice one .. too much o straight forward…

  3. trying to find out who i am says :

    i completely agree with you that it is not acceptable to some people(read sensitive)..the only reason i find people doing this is they get a common topic of discussion…what do you do when you are in a group but hardly find anything to contribute and feel left out…simple:find a person who wont retaliate and start teasing him..then others will join you and you can enjoy the ‘fun’..and if he is a person who doesn’t take it lying down then- he wont act on impulse,will smile and show as if even he’s having fun; wait for an opportunity ;look for some defects in you and pay you back with interest.
    i dont agree with jayadeep that having that kind of fun is ok, because

    1) your friends might not mean to hurt you and might as well stop teasing if you tell them ,but there are others who will take it as an opportunity and cross the limits..
    2)what comes under the category of fun is different for different some even cursing their parents and calling them names may be acceptable but it might seem totally unacceptable to others…when i was in delhi there was a common practice to target somebody and start hitting..people who did this didnt even mind if the person bled ;for them it was pure fun..and majority felt that any person who doesn’t accept this is having a lot of ego..also ask people who smoke and drink ,they will tell you that it is pure fun and you are losing on something if you dont do that..
    3)your friends might simply act as if even they are having fun while you tease them just because they might think that they will lose their friends if they dont do that…
    4)why do you think some people commit suicide after being ragged in hostels??dont they have a sense of humor or dont they request others not to do that to them…simple:once a ‘bakra’ always a ‘bakra’..

    there’s a saying that a rich man’s joke is always true..
    the one thing that everyone likes being teased about is their strength’s rather than their why not tease someone very intelligent by calling him einstein,someone strong as undertaker,someone quiet as the enlightened(i know it sounds cliched)….

    if this is not acceptable soln becomes obvious-when in rome do what the romans do..

    PS:sorry to have extended the concept of linkages to the whole issue of teasing someone…

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