>Angry Birds


They are angry… And now they are on Android.

Being Number 1 seeded doesn’t guarantee you victory. Well not in the case of Angry Birds. This game finally made it to the android platform after reigning for years on the I-phones. The most awaited game turns out to be a show-stopper with neat graphics, responsive and highly addictive game-play. Highly Addictive game-play is an understatement . There is probably some black magic in action…
Story-line: Evil pigs have captured the eggs of your lovely birds. Birds are quite obviously pissed about this. We all know what happens when someone is pissed… they get angry. So what do these angry birds do? They catapult themselves into a myriad of structures built by the pigs as thier defense. And they do it in style.. From cluster bomb birds to Kamikaze birds, they are all there , ready to wreak destruction.While the majority of the levels are easy to get around, there are done one which will irritate you to no extent. Have no fear though, there are walk-through videos available for every level:)

Game on!
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