The Cup that Mattered


Oh Boy! We won it! And that too very convincingly. We went in as favorites and did justice to that tag.

But I  am not writing this post to highlight our victory. This one is to rant about it’s after effects. Time to throw some numbers at you

  • MSD’s team got a tournament prize of  about Rs 8.5 crore ($1.9 million)
  • BCCI instantly announced a prize of 1 crore for all the players
  • The Delhi , Maharashtra & Punjab governments announced a similar prize to all the players from their states
  • All Indian team members to get a Hyundai Verna ( not a great car , still costs around 10 lakhs)
  • The Indian Railways has given all the team members lifetime AC passes. (like they are really going to use that)

And this one takes the cake. Our honorable Chief Minister Sri. Yeddddyyurappa(Have I put enough Ys?)has announced that he will give plots to all the players … in Bangalore. This coming from a man mired in land grabbing cases should make my case easy.

Firstly our cricketers are well paid crazily well paid individuals. Most of these players have raked in the moolah in the IPLs and the T20 world cup and of course endorsments. Now I understand that we must honour our cricketers, but couldn’t we do it in a better way? Instead of pouring more and more money on the players why not use it to say build a child care centre? Or a cricket academy for those who can’t afford to attend one. There are a hundred better ways to utilitize money than to just make the rich … richer.
And you can name those institutions you start after the players… This will ensure that some good will come to the nation other than being just euphoria.
Agree or disagree?


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About Rahul Vittal

Believes that all that happens for the good. If not , you have to make it good.

3 responses to “The Cup that Mattered”

  1. Angry Ganu says :

    Well, if by your work you get rich then does it matter? If the world was not selfish, there would have not been poverty. And cricketers must be doing charity but you can’t expect everyone to be Mother Teresa.

    • Rahul Vittal says :

      True. While the cricketers cannot be expected to be philanthropists, the state governments should’ve / could’ve handled it better.

  2. srivathsa says :

    agreed…on tat note i lik wat Gujatrat govt did..although my knowledge is limited i heard they r goin to confer some award reserved for sportin excellency on the cricketers…tat is wat is supposed to b done…honour them…no need of monetary compensation…and moreover i liked this fb status update tat someone gave – agreed tat we feel proud tat the cricketers do all this for the country’s pride but wat abt our soldiers who fight 365 days just to keep the Indian flag flyin high?…Their effort is not sensationalized and therefore goes unnoticed…our chest swells wit pride wen we see dhoni chanting the national anthem…sadly we never realise how many jawans sacrifise their lives wit vande mataram on their lips……

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