The thing about mobile phones

Back in the 90’s … wait it wasn’t that long ago…

Let’s  try it again.

Back in 2006 while studying in MES CAC&S, I encountered a guy.  This is guy whom I shall not name for obvious reasons had a blingy phone. If my memory serves me right, it was the N73 or perhaps N95… Now the problem was that every time I encountered him, I wouldn’t remember his name. I would remember the make of his mobile phone. Every time!

This was a classic case where your mobile phone has a bigger persona than you, which I believe is the ultimate #fail.

So while buying my first phone, I bought a nondescript, rarely seen Motorola RIZR , i loved the way it slid , i loved Motorola and best of all it sit my style  . and next came the not-too-flashy- Spica, which has been a delight but not once imposing.

So next time you buy a phone ask yourself: Am I defining the phone or is the phone defining me?


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About Rahul Vittal

Believes that all that happens for the good. If not , you have to make it good.

4 responses to “The thing about mobile phones”

  1. sachin gowda says :

    Ya.. Phone shouldn’t overtake us!
    This doesn’t happen only in case of costly mobiles. If u take a very cheap mobile with the lowest features, u will be called by that name only!
    And your motorola was not great 😛

    • Rahul Vittal says :

      Nice point about the opposite happening with cheap mobile phones! Guess it’s always hard to buy the perfect phone.

      P.S: My Motorola would beat your Nokia on any given day 😀

  2. Phalgun says :

    Hahahahaha yeah I remember that guy. And yeah I remember his phone too! 😀

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