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Lately I have been very busy. Then again that has been my real status update for the past 3 years.

Recently while returning from college, I had a flash-back…

The year was 2002. I was studying in Presidency School back then… The memory was very brief. The only mode of transport was the school bus for me and on that particular day there was a mini-riot/strike on the way back home(NH4 for those interested). We had no clue of the impending impediment until we were half way en-route to home. The driver had no choice but to turn back as he couldn’t possibly risk it with all the kids in the back.

Once back at the school, the other kids just happened to disperse and I was the only one left. I am pretty sure I must have been scared ( Hey! Come on, 10 year old kid with no way back home is a pretty scary situation). That was when a teacher of mine for reasons unknown to me just decided that I had to be back home. So she simply decide to risk it and took me on her Scooty all the way back home. The funny thing is that I have absolutely no recollection of her name or whether I even thanked her for the act of kindness.

It just shows that sometimes, some folks are just plain kind. They need not know you to do what they do. And that is a very comforting thought…


P.S: I along with a friend have started a website! Please visit and give me feedback 🙂 Tech Tikka


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Believes that all that happens for the good. If not , you have to make it good.

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