Valentine Backlash

February 13: Make plans on how to spit it out tomorrow. All is set in a hollywood/bollywood shtyle.

February 14 morning: Wear best possible dress. Rehearse the lines well. Head out on the mission.

February 14 evening: 😐

February 15: 😐

February 16: 😐

I am sure all of us have been there/done that.

A lot of hype will surround the following two days. There will perhaps be some (D)Rama Sene, with its usual rants against the morals and immorals of today’s youth. There will <EXTENSIVE><EXCLUSIVE> and many more EX’s coverage by all news channel. There will be good business for the flowers seller(/ripper(both our cash/and those poor flowers)).

But what about the poor boy/girl whose heart has been on overdrive? Will all these matter?… Of course not!

He/She will be filled with hope, with dreams, with the possibilities. The anticipation, the joy, the rush. Unbeatable. Unmatched.

And that’s the wonderful spirit of Valentine’s . As simple as that.


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About Rahul Vittal

Believes that all that happens for the good. If not , you have to make it good.

2 responses to “Valentine Backlash”

  1. sachingowda says :

    Rama sene has lost all moral grounds this time. They dint protest against ministers case in assembly, dint protest against malpe fest. So dont worry about them 🙂

    Media are busy with showing about VS Acharya’s death. Really sad, he was a very good person.
    But anyways its good that miscreants are not getting the lime light.

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