The ground realities

The following conversation  occurred during the ongoing trip to Mangalore with an elderly man(AEM).

Me: Yes, yes I work in Bangalore itself for an electronic company.

Him: So you are an engineer?

Me: Yes indeed!

Him: Hmm.. Do you know whether rice grows above the ground or below it?

Me(slightly taken aback): Why of course above the ground!?

Him (after a chuckle) : Good, good ,  at least you know where it grows. Eegina kalada hudugarige ,bari unnalikke gottu , adare  akki elliyinda baruthade emba tiluvalike illa. Kelidare, akki gonicheela-dalli barthade endu helutthare ( Nowadays , you youngsters know very well to eat, but have no clue where the rice you eat comes from. All you know is that it is in gunny bags and that’s where you think it comes from)

Me(chuckling now ) : Yes, sadly it has come to that.

Him: Did you know that whatever rice we(he was referring to the) produce is not even sufficient for us! I am having to buy it for my own family this year! All the youth are now in the city, who will grow the food you eat if all of us it in front of the computer.

Him(after some contemplation): By coding , if you people can make rice fall from the sky, then your engineering education is worth it 😉

Me(now having ,no other job that chuckling): <chuckle<<chuckle>

Him: We say no to give water to Tamil Nadu, but those people atleast are growing rice. In the end they are ready to give us the rice if we pay. Now I can’t state on-record to release the water to Tamil Nadu, but that is the fact! Atleast someone there is growing the food we eat, but the waters of Kaveri are now murkier with the politics they are playing. Bari politics aiythu!


Although topsy-turvy, he brought out two points well I thought. Firstly, we are going to suffer in the agricultural side big time. And that day will come soon. Secondly, the Kaveri issue has been so politicized no one knows the realities anymore.

What do you think??




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5 responses to “The ground realities”

  1. Shreyas says :

    Here is how the conversation shud hav continued:
    U: Sir, do you own a mobile?
    If he said yes (I’m sure he would have said yes), then ask him how it works?
    If he said he doesn’t know then u say how people talk for hours on the phone but don’t know how it works :P. The elder man would have understood where this was heading.
    I am saddened by the fact that the elder man thought that just because some people don’t how and where rice grows, they don’t deserve to eat!

    • Rahul Vittal says :

      An excellent rebuttal! 🙂
      But the old man’s main trouble was with the non-availability of labor for the fields.. And I felt that to a certain degree he was right! If everyone is in front of the comp, who will grow the rice!?

      • Shreyas says :

        Who will grow rice u ask? Well those who are interested will do it! 😛 Everything comes down to an individual’s wish. If he wants to do something or doesn’t want to, its left to him! Necessity will drive production. You want money, you work. Similarly, if people want rice they will grow it. 😛 Am I not right?

      • Rahul Vittal says :

        Haha! Let’s hope necessity will not rise to the level of desperate need! 😛

  2. sachingowda says :

    Kaveri issue is not about politics. Only a few tried to take political advantage and it dint work out.
    If we have ample amount of water why wont we share with our neighbors? Fact of the matter is we dont have enough water.
    It’s cheaper to buy rice from our state farmers only. So first lets give water to them! Let us have water to drink!

    I agree with the other point. All youngsters are moving to urban areas. Many aren’t cultivating because there is no one to look after. We need a solution!!

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