The Five

The very first thought when I read about the contest on Indiblogger (you can drool over the prizes once you are done reading with this post) was , wait a minute.. I have seen the answer to this question somewhere.

Now you ask what is that question? Well, I will give both the answer and the question to you in one go!

the fiveBefore I lose you and you start fantasizing about that , it’s not an argument amongst them. It’s a chat group which I would need to form. On WeChat (that’s their youtube channel for you).

I do however disagree with the above image. Captain Jack Sparrow would be just too dis-interested with a mobile phone and would throw into the water (or try to sell it away) the very first opportunity he gets.  And House is well.. House… So let’s leave him out too.. Sheldon would want an agreement copy to be signed for everything and I am too busy to deal with him, so I propose my new ‘OMG-they-would-be-a-great-group’ group.

I clearly have the best profile pic

My profile pic is the clear winner.

The intro to this group would go something along the following lines…

Rahul Vittal(Me): Hello folks! Welcome to the most awesome WeChat group… Ever!!!!! 😀

Iron Man: Well,well, well , look whom all we have here. I see a magician who has one hell of ride,a mutant with attraction issues, a Vulcan with human issues, an I-can-deduce-all guy and me(Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist 🙂 ) And you, who managed to get us all on We Chat.

Me:  *bows*

Spock: Wait a second.. this is all illogical. This is all chronologically incorrect. We could not  possibly here..

Gandalf: Well, I am magical you know 😉

Magneto: And I am magnetic 😛

Sherlock: Looking at you two… Are you two related? I see a lot of similarities..

Gandalf: He is my brother from another mother. Hi5! 😀

Magneto: Hi5! 😀

Iron Man: Stay away from me Magneto.. Don’t wanna get too close eh? 😉

Me: LOL 😛 Iron man, stay away from Karnataka dude. If you come, we will mine you and sell you to China 😛

Iron Ma: o_O

Spock: hmm.. This Sherlock dude .. I have seen him somewhere…

Iron Man: Me? Well I am very famous you see.. I ..

Me: Iron Man! You are not Sherlock. Don’t get confused!

Spock: Wait a minute! That’s not Sherlock, that’s Khan! Attack!!

Sherlock: What!? Who is this Khan?

Me: Oh God! Why do they act in so many tv series and movies!!

And this could possibly go on and on …

Once I manage to get everyone settled, I am pretty sure this would be a talkative group. Discussions would range from the latest cool gadgetry(thanks to Iron Man) to the raging debates on human behavior(thanks to pretty much everyone in the group) to what to do in the weekend (perhaps a meetup on the top of Eiffel Tower). We could also solve unresolved cases and boy! that would be fun with the folks involved!

However on a serious note, the  sheer brilliance that  each of these individuals would bring to the table would warrant an award for this group. They all have captured the hearts and minds of millions of folks and a chance to bring them all to the same platform would be legen-wait-for-it-dary! Gandalf and
Even the most dull/dry/ya-a-awn of topics would gain an amazingly vivid color thanks to the different angles presented by these folks. And the controversial ones? Oh.. that would be heaven on earth!

Besides the clash of great minds, there would also be a hell lot of experiences to hear from the five of them. 4  of them have beaten super villains and 1 is a super villain himself 😛

(Note to self: Keep Magneto in check).

Ok, that’s it. I am off to build my inter-dimensional comic-to-reality machine. Keep WeChatting meanwhile 😀


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