History – We read it, but we never learnt it !

History is a wonderful subject. No doubt about that.

However what I see around me today is bothering me. A lot.

I see my country men making the same mistake they made over a 200 years ago.  Same mistake made 700 years ago.  Same mistake made 1000 years ago.

It looks like we ,as a nation, have failed to learn from our past mistakes.

The problem starts early in our lives.

As kids we were made to mug up dates of God forsaken battles held in God forsaken places (anyone remembers Battle of Wandiwash in 1761?) . Learning the dates and the places had impact on my life (in contrast to the flow of events which had a lot of effect ).  We were fed so much of raw data. Too much I would say. Specifics were stressed upon ,whereas the bigger picture always remained out of the books and our minds. The history lessons failed to teach us something important.

Our nation has been setback a few centuries each time we failed to stop an invasion.

First came the Persians ( Mahmud of Ghazni), then came the Persians again ( Mahmud of Ghouri) and then finally the British (East India Company). Each time our folks just stood and watched their neighboring kingdoms getting slaughtered,raped and plundered and before they knew it , they were next in line for the same treatment.

Each time the enemy was from the outside. But this time, the enemy is on the inside. From corrupt politicians to corrupt bureaucrats. From various sources of media who supply us with more masala than real news. From the comatose working class who have become numb to injustices being meted out to them.

The upcoming elections are really far away, but the war bells have already rung. I want to get my message across before we all get drowned out in the political madness that surrounds us.  Look really deep into the candidate you choose to support. Don’t get pushed around b the hype that will surround you. Stop giving a damn about political parties.  Make your choice of candidate with the same caution you take while choosing to buy something for yourself , after all you are choosing someone who is supposed to take care of your more basic needs.

You say that your one vote will not make much of a difference? Then go out there and let people know why you are voting for a certain candidate. Talk with them. Convince them! We are at cross roads and then next set of people governing us , better be good. Damn good.


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About Rahul Vittal

Believes that all that happens for the good. If not , you have to make it good.

2 responses to “History – We read it, but we never learnt it !”

  1. Avinash Gupta says :

    Very good post there, I completely agree with you point

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