A little less human

As I got off the office bus today, I set sight homewards and quickened my walking pace. It was an emotionally draining day and all I wanted was to get back to the comfort of my home. 

I crossed the main road separating me from my destination, avoiding the onslaught of vehicles from every perceivable direction. Thankful to have made it across, I quickened my pace. And that was when I saw him. He was very obviously blind.With a bag across his shoulders and tapping his white cane to determine whether his next step is safe, he was slowly trudging along the kerb of the road. With the footpath too treacherous for even those who can see, this man had a long walk ahead of him back home. And then I walked on. 

It took a whole 5 seconds for the human inside me to wake up from the slumber it was in. I fail to see why I did not stop. The difficulty he faces each day far out strips the difficulties we may face over a whole week. I did eventually go back and help him but gosh, was I disappointed with myself. I asked myself what was wrong with me, why my first instinct was not to go and help him… but there were no answers just lots of shame. 


About Rahul Vittal

Believes that all that happens for the good. If not , you have to make it good.

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