Angry Birds

Being Number 1 seeded doesn’t guarantee you victory. Well not in the case of Angry Birds. This game finally made it to the android platform after reigning for years on the I-phones. The most awaited game turns out to be a show-stopper with neat graphics, responsive and highly addictive game-play. Highly Addictive game-play is an understatement . There is probably some black magic in action…

Story-line: Evil pigs have captured the eggs of your lovely birds. Birds are quite obviously pissed. When you are pissed , you get angry. So what do the birds do? They catapult themselves into a myriad of structures built by the pigs. And they do it in style.. From cluster bomb birds to Kamikaze birds, they are all there , ready to wreak destruction.

Update: The shocker: the complete game is now available , FREE!!!

You can get it here


2 responses to “Angry Birds”

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