Music Players on Android

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The Android Market is flooded with Music Players claiming all sorts of capabilities. So I decided to try out a few and tell how it feels. I have picked the music players  based on my previous experiences with them.
Double twist

What sets this player apart from the rest of the pack is the ’tile’ home. Its auto-play list is good , as it creates its playlist on the frequency of the songs you play otherwise. You can also rate the songs being played.It also has auto-album fetching feature , which is pretty fast.

Mixzing allows you to tag your songs (although it is a premium feature you get it as free for the first 15 days). Its now_playing window is also pretty cool, giving you access to the album’s information via the net.

Tune Wiki

Tune Wiki calls itself the social music player… for reasons hard to fathom.
Just kidding. The idea of a social music player is to let you know what people around you are listening to. You get a map on which all the people who are using TuneWiki are shown along with what they are playing. This however requires an account. Then there is the lyrics retrieval which is a cool feature to have. Downloading Album Arts over the net is also supported.

Cubed is an extremely good looking music player. As the name suggest there is a cube and if there is any player out there which requires album art, this is it. There are other view modes like morphed and tiles. All the modes are slick and the functionality is well preserved.

So if you are in the market and you are looking for a music player , which should you download? 

I would suggest Cubed . Quite simply because of the involvement it brings to the  music playing experience. The interface is a league above the rest and this is the only app which I think is worth donating money for. Tunewiki and double twist are also very good, but lose out due to their ordinary looking interfaces. Cubed too has chinks in the armour such as non availability of lyrics, but the gorgeous layout makes up for it.


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