Swype 2.0

Firstly thank you samdroid. Without those brilliant forums, I wouldn’t be typing, swyping this. A replacement for the standard.android keyboard, which is an average keyboard, it is a heavy app, which is its on downside. Once installed, you will be taken through a tutorial, which gives useful tips.
. You slide around yours finger over various characters and wait magically for the software to form the word. Simple and intuitive, it takes no longer than a couple of “swypes” to get used to it. Tapping is still allowed but as the tag line goes, why tap? while you can swype
The focus here is on speed than swyping accuracy. The keyboard software learns your choices and becomes better and better with time.
And the most brilliant part is that it makes typing out a fun activity. Rare. 😉

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Update: With the new 2.0 version, the app is downsized and how! 1/3 rd the previous size(around 4mb now) , yet just the same  amount of fun 🙂

The keyboard look is slightly changed , but nothing too distracting.


4 responses to “Swype 2.0”

  1. sujith says :

    Whaaaaa. It’s great. Typing in small touch screen is always a painful job. Nice app. Thanks for sharing

  2. Raj says :

    Nice software, I love using that too on my Samsung Galaxy S.

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  3. umapoems says :

    Liked the idea of just swye instead of type…except atleast our fingers do some exercise daily by typing 🙂

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