One Dark Night

And No thunder storm..

I came up with the weird idea of writing. Writing in the dark.Its a funny feeling to write on a notepad without a worry of keeping the letters neatly on the lines.No spacing.Its Write as you like.

The television apparently has an effect on the brain that lasts for 2 hours.

So the only topic on my mind was “Behenji’s” Rs.50 crore garland. Some wise-crack it must be, who thought it would be appropriate to give a garland of Rs1000 notes to the chief minister of UP. The same state where poverty reigns, the same CM who said that she doesn’t have money to compensate those who were killed during a stampede in her state.

Its easy to blame it on the highly placed and highly corruptible officials and party MLA’s. But then again money doesn’t grow on trees or fall from the sky. Unless the above mentioned people are extorting money, it is “WE THE PEOPLE” who must take the blame.How many times have not seen a corrupt cop and not taken any action about it? How many times have seen money being shamelessly passed “over the table” to get some work done. Yet we all keep silent.  Y? Are we silent watchers who have been cursed to take all the pain?


3 responses to “One Dark Night”

  1. sachin gowda says :

    YUP ! you are a SILENT WATCHER …. lol

    correction – estimated money in garland (!!) is around 2- 5 crores ….

    note – rumor is that it was presented by Karnataka state BSP unit

    yes it is a vulgar display money . That too in a state like UP
    i don’t know if people remember all these things while voting !

    one question which i think of again and again – Is Karnataka a rich state ? , there is a wide spread speculation that Karnataka leaders (of a national party)funded the Lok sabha elections (for that party ) and now a garland 😛

    expecting replies to my comment

  2. ashtavirs says :

    i think most of the answer to such questions lies in the film ‘a Wednesday’…we are not reacting because that is not supposed to be the thing on which we should waste our point in saying that people are poor so i will distribute money,terrorists have attacked the country so we will go and fight etc..we have to fill our stomachs and have our own day-to-day problems to deal with…so to take care of the country,to protect us,to stop corruption there are n no of organisations that have been elected by us..its only that these people are not taking their job seriously…so instead of blaming ourselves for not being a ‘samajsudharak’ we should bring these people to task…systems that are necessary are all in place..the only thing is to see to it that they start functioning properly…and of course as mentioned by sachin,in a democracy our primary responsibility is to pick the best out of waste while voting…

  3. subrahmanyahegde says :

    the whole episode of ‘behenji’s garland ‘ just is just another episode of her drama.. she continues this until some responsible ppl bring stay from court ( she doesnt mind , continuing after that also)..
    we say many things .. polititions are corrupt , the sys shd be changed , bribery shd be banned (unofficially also)…. bt how many of us really want to be the change ourselves, how many of us really want to take up politics to clean it, how many of us r really not willing to spill money for personal benefits…

    to answer all these nonsense politics or whatever, first thing we need is education… we cant sit in b’luru and talk abt conscience , wen 25% of ppl cast their vote seeing pictures(in the evm)…then we can expect sm ethics from our legislators, cant we?

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