The Five

The very first thought when I read about the contest on Indiblogger (you can drool over the prizes once you are done reading with this post) was , wait a minute.. I have seen the answer to this question somewhere.

Now you ask what is that question? Well, I will give both the answer and the question to you in one go!

the fiveBefore I lose you and you start fantasizing about that , it’s not an argument amongst them. It’s a chat group which I would need to form. On WeChat (that’s their youtube channel for you).

I do however disagree with the above image. Captain Jack Sparrow would be just too dis-interested with a mobile phone and would throw into the water (or try to sell it away) the very first opportunity he gets.  And House is well.. House… So let’s leave him out too.. Sheldon would want an agreement copy to be signed for everything and I am too busy to deal with him, so I propose my new ‘OMG-they-would-be-a-great-group’ group.

I clearly have the best profile pic

My profile pic is the clear winner.

The intro to this group would go something along the following lines…

Rahul Vittal(Me): Hello folks! Welcome to the most awesome WeChat group… Ever!!!!! 😀

Iron Man: Well,well, well , look whom all we have here. I see a magician who has one hell of ride,a mutant with attraction issues, a Vulcan with human issues, an I-can-deduce-all guy and me(Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist 🙂 ) And you, who managed to get us all on We Chat.

Me:  *bows*

Spock: Wait a second.. this is all illogical. This is all chronologically incorrect. We could not  possibly here..

Gandalf: Well, I am magical you know 😉

Magneto: And I am magnetic 😛

Sherlock: Looking at you two… Are you two related? I see a lot of similarities..

Gandalf: He is my brother from another mother. Hi5! 😀

Magneto: Hi5! 😀

Iron Man: Stay away from me Magneto.. Don’t wanna get too close eh? 😉

Me: LOL 😛 Iron man, stay away from Karnataka dude. If you come, we will mine you and sell you to China 😛

Iron Ma: o_O

Spock: hmm.. This Sherlock dude .. I have seen him somewhere…

Iron Man: Me? Well I am very famous you see.. I ..

Me: Iron Man! You are not Sherlock. Don’t get confused!

Spock: Wait a minute! That’s not Sherlock, that’s Khan! Attack!!

Sherlock: What!? Who is this Khan?

Me: Oh God! Why do they act in so many tv series and movies!!

And this could possibly go on and on …

Once I manage to get everyone settled, I am pretty sure this would be a talkative group. Discussions would range from the latest cool gadgetry(thanks to Iron Man) to the raging debates on human behavior(thanks to pretty much everyone in the group) to what to do in the weekend (perhaps a meetup on the top of Eiffel Tower). We could also solve unresolved cases and boy! that would be fun with the folks involved!

However on a serious note, the  sheer brilliance that  each of these individuals would bring to the table would warrant an award for this group. They all have captured the hearts and minds of millions of folks and a chance to bring them all to the same platform would be legen-wait-for-it-dary! Gandalf and
Even the most dull/dry/ya-a-awn of topics would gain an amazingly vivid color thanks to the different angles presented by these folks. And the controversial ones? Oh.. that would be heaven on earth!

Besides the clash of great minds, there would also be a hell lot of experiences to hear from the five of them. 4  of them have beaten super villains and 1 is a super villain himself 😛

(Note to self: Keep Magneto in check).

Ok, that’s it. I am off to build my inter-dimensional comic-to-reality machine. Keep WeChatting meanwhile 😀


Where’s the party tonight

Dance Floor

The Dance Floor (Photo credit: enric archivell)

I have been silent on my blog for quite a few weeks(weeks have turned into months since I wrote this post). No, it wasn’t the work. It was me. I was just plain lazy+not finding anything interesting + not doing anything interesting.

However, as fate would have it, a the school nearby my house decided to have it’s “school day” or rather “school days” as it has been going on for 2 days now 😛

I happened to walk past it today and there was a dance going on by kids of not more than 15 years old , but greater than 10 years.

It was horrendous  disastrously hilarious. Half the time the kids looked at at each other, and the rest was spent walking around in the stage. Also they happened to be dancing for a song inappropriate for their age. (Yes, I know it’s difficult to find age appropriate songs these days)

And then I thought perhaps,  I was judging the kids too harsh. The last stage-performance I saw was a bunch of my colleagues dancing at my office’s year-end bash. And they had pulled it off quiet well. (And then we came and blew everyone away 😉 )

So , I decided I should gather some expert opinion.. from my parents.. about my performances as a kid in school 😀

This led to a few old photo albums being opened.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see above, perfect sync. Perfect facial expressions.Look at those moves! 😛

Those were the days 🙂 Anyone has any special memories from their school days to share? The comments section is right below 😉

Each one’s choice


Last week my chikka thatha(granddad’s younger brother) left this world for a better place.
He got a full-page obituary and he was neither a politician nor a business tycoon. He was a grama-sevak. A social worker in the true sense. Now I asked myself, how many of us are really headed down that path. How many can get a page full obituary by people whose lives they truly touched.

As things stand, I doubt there are many, if not any at all. But we have a long way to go, don’t we?

Slightly divulging from my topic, do you happen to know the price of a kilogram of rice? Or dal maybe? I didn’t! Do you know the price to get into one of the new year parties in town? Maybe you have faint idea… say around 500 bucks at the minimum?
I found out that a kilogram of rice and dal costs in total 100 rupees. And that can feed about 15 people. So 500 rupees can easily be the meal of 75!! Seventy Five!
God created all of us equal but for a few he created greater challenges and larger obstacles. It sends down a chill down my spine every time I think of physically challenged. There are many who have no means to earn a living, many who cannot see what we see. These unfortunate ones may probably have to go to sleep with an empty stomach on new year’s eve.

So this Christmas and New Year’s go out there and have fun with your friends and family , but at the same time be the reason for putting a smile on the face of a complete stranger by filling his tummy. Be the reason for making that person’s life better.

Thanks for listening.

The ground realities

The following conversation  occurred during the ongoing trip to Mangalore with an elderly man(AEM).

Me: Yes, yes I work in Bangalore itself for an electronic company.

Him: So you are an engineer?

Me: Yes indeed!

Him: Hmm.. Do you know whether rice grows above the ground or below it?

Me(slightly taken aback): Why of course above the ground!?

Him (after a chuckle) : Good, good ,  at least you know where it grows. Eegina kalada hudugarige ,bari unnalikke gottu , adare  akki elliyinda baruthade emba tiluvalike illa. Kelidare, akki gonicheela-dalli barthade endu helutthare ( Nowadays , you youngsters know very well to eat, but have no clue where the rice you eat comes from. All you know is that it is in gunny bags and that’s where you think it comes from)

Me(chuckling now ) : Yes, sadly it has come to that.

Him: Did you know that whatever rice we(he was referring to the) produce is not even sufficient for us! I am having to buy it for my own family this year! All the youth are now in the city, who will grow the food you eat if all of us it in front of the computer.

Him(after some contemplation): By coding , if you people can make rice fall from the sky, then your engineering education is worth it 😉

Me(now having ,no other job that chuckling): <chuckle<<chuckle>

Him: We say no to give water to Tamil Nadu, but those people atleast are growing rice. In the end they are ready to give us the rice if we pay. Now I can’t state on-record to release the water to Tamil Nadu, but that is the fact! Atleast someone there is growing the food we eat, but the waters of Kaveri are now murkier with the politics they are playing. Bari politics aiythu!


Although topsy-turvy, he brought out two points well I thought. Firstly, we are going to suffer in the agricultural side big time. And that day will come soon. Secondly, the Kaveri issue has been so politicized no one knows the realities anymore.

What do you think??



OMG : What I thought of the movie

It has been a while since I have been to a theater to watch a Hindi movie. But the opportunity presented itself to me during a team outing and I found myself sitting in the last row of the 2:30 show in a certain theater on ORR.

Long version:

The movie starts off well , with the protagonist Kanjilal Mehta  , a shopkeeper( of Gujarati variant in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar making his view on God and God-related very clear. He doesn’t believe and doesn’t care. He takes many jibes at his pious wife, witty responses to anyone trying to bring God into the equation and just doesn’t give a damn to anything divine.  Add to this , his shop happens to sell moorthis of various Indian gods.

Then there is a song with  Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhudeva . (They just had to add a song to this movie)

Then there is an earthquake.

And guess what, his is the only shop that has reduced to rubble. The insurance company refuses to pay saying that it was an act of God. And  Kanjilal  decides to take on umm.. God… in the court of law.

Apparently the constitution allows this. And the moment he said this , I was worried for the Indian courts. (Luckily, it looks like courts just turn over such filings. Phew!)

Various God-men come forward to face Kanjilal  in the court. Mithun Chakrabarty being the leader amongst them  is just hilarious.

The case opens and I would have rolled on the floor in a couple of sequences had there been space in the cramped theater. Paresh Rawal is very convincing in his potrayal and so are the rest of them.

And then just before the interval Akshay Kumar enters.

As an incarnation of Lord Krishna.

You may begin to think that the movie may collapse after the interval , but somehow it holds it’s own. There was just one scene involving Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar which I thought was unnecessary and over the top. (Hint: It involves Akshay showing his ‘divine’ form). The ending of the movie has been carried off well and it leaves you wondering a couple of things.

Our blind rituals are questioned well , so is the infinite wealth being poured into temples. Some scenes are very thought-provoking, but is it enough to effect a change in our mentality… Well I think not.

Short version: A good movie which will give you , your money’s worth. Carries the right message, has good performance by all actors and has lots of laugh too.

Tomorrow is a new day.

 For the past two weeks , I have been a proffesional. But tomorrow is special. 

I will be working as a full-bled professional. 8 to 5. No orientation, no training programs, no performing drama either. Some of the mystery of working in a team is taken away as I have been working with the same team for about 362 days. But there still is the unknown factor as to how I will be, 5 days a week working on a single project, single goal. I see a golden chance to stretch my legs and pull away, working with no other distractions/ commitments. 

The next 368 days are ought to be interesting. 🙂

Be a war hero. At your own risk

Ever heard of Parvez Jamasji?  No? Neither had I , till I read his name in today’s newspaper.

Parvez Jamasji happens to be a retired Squadron Leader of our very own Air Force. He happened to fly a few hundred sorties(air missions) into East Pakistan during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. What did he get for his untiring bravery? A bullet wound on his leg. After the war, he got the Vir Chakra and the  Gaurav Puraskar( a Maharashtra government award) . That’s all great, but what caught my attention?

He had to pay the government Rs 2,245 because he was over paid his annual allowance. The Rule book , which our country is so well known to follow, states that 65-plus war veterans are entitled to only 50% of their allowance. Hence Rs 2,670 annual allowance to be paid to Mr.Jamasji was to be reduced to just Rs 1,335, but some clerk downtown forgot to scale down the allowance on time(Hey! Mistakes happen ok? Or perhaps the clerk felt bad for the veteran) and the war veteran ended up with a 2200 rupees more than what was allocated. Sheesh!

Now you tell me what is more pathetic? His Rs.111 a month allowance? The fact that he was made to pay back such a paltry amount in a country where Rs 2,245 crore misappropriation is considered small?

These soldiers who went out right fighting  wars, keeping us safe  are now humiliated by paying such allowances.

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away..

The new phone


Finally 😀 

Guest Post : Getting Profound

Have I hosted a guest post before? I think not. This is a good start.

As kids, all of us would have believed in so many good things. You are out of your mind with excitement when you hear the door bell ring and run madly to receive your father from work. The street dogs are the most fascinating creatures. All the stories inspire you to no end. You are sure you will make it big and inspire more eventually. Time is not of essence, as there is time for anything and everything.

So one fine day, we are all find ourselves grown up and sarcasm has seeped in and pushed out most of our optimism. We hardly have enough time for our commitments and relaxation is scant. We struggle for mental and emotional space. Why do we then presume we have grown up? Why have we lost a good many qualities to develop others? Our mental capability has expanded even while compressing out psychological stability. It is high time we perfect the art of accumulation so we do not lose out on good things life has to offer. This attitude came to us by default as children. Letting it go means letting go of many good things. They could be friends, family, habits and eventually peace of mind. It’s high time we reboot ourselves and enjoy life for what is has to offer.

P.S: Sorry no author credit. As the author doesn’t want the credit.

P.P.S : On second thoughts.. author goes by the moniker Holy Cow.

5 Things PESIT taught me

It’s been a  blur, the past four years. Sitting in the 5th bench, central column on Day One at PESIT I had a very different mindset to what I posses now.

  1. You are part of the problem if you are not part of the solution . We crib a lot, we really do. Be it about how poor a particular teacher handles a subject or if any rule inconvenience to you. We complain and then we rant a little more. Instead complaining less and trying to resolve it helped. Something I hope I do a lot more often.
  2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Being nice helps, trust me. we seem to have forgotten politeness altogether at times when we interact with lecturers / profs that teach us. We expect them to respect us without giving them their due in the first place.
  3. Impossible is nothing.  This is on a slighter lighter note. Studying 300 pages in 12 hours. For the first time. And then pulling off a respectable performance in the test. Tells what we are capable of once we set our minds to it.
  4. Your work is all the ammo you have.All the ammo you need. To take on the world, one needs to have , well… done work.Good work at that. And by work I am referring to all the courses you have taken, all the subjects you have studied and all the project you have carried out. And if it’s good work, people will respect it. No two-way about it.     
  5. Patience is a necessity not just a virtue. The trouble you have to take to obtain a simple signature on a form, can make you pull your hair  in exasperation. But it is not any easier out there in either. And probably will be a lot worse too! So yeah, we are indeed trained for the real world. Patience is simply a must-have. You will not survive without it!

So the 4 years in PESIT was well spent I believe. Learnt a lot more than listed above , made some amazing friends and mostly importantly became an engineer.

This calls for … THE SUCCESS KID 😀

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